Album Review :: Half Hearted Hero :: Whatever

half-heartedHalf Hearted Hero’s Whatever opens up with raw honest vocals that strain with emotion and a punk rock sound that propels us into the album. Though I would classify this as a punk rock record, there are hints of emo (in Untitled), of Hardcore (in River), of metal (inVessels), and even an acoustic track (Faint Feeling) where you can heart the scrape of fingers on strings. Though each of these influence is stronger in certain tracks, Half Hearted Hero has a very unique and organic way of weaving each of these elements into each song, sometimes ending the song in a totally different place than it began.

Each track offers something a bit different, but the stand out track is Good Terms (with Untitled coming in a close second). It is full of emotion and strained vocals that continue to build throughout the track carrying the listener with it. Though I am a fan of melodic punk, it is the harder elements on this album that are really connecting with me.


Half Hearted Hero’s Whatever is out now on Animal Style Records.



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