Album Review :: Vinnie Caruana :: City by the Sea

I am not hugely familiar with The Movie Life or I Am The Avalanche, so this review of Vinnie Caruana’s solo album, City by the Sea, will not be skewed by his previous work.

City by the Sea is an acoustic album, that is so packed with passion that you sometimes forget that it is acoustic. It is hooky and catchy and honest and raw and beautiful, but most importantly it is real and makes the listener feel something.

There are only six tracks on this EP, but the listener feels as though they have been completely submerged in Caruana’s world.  Somehow The World Keeps Turning is quiet, metered, and quite catchy. Boy, You’re In Heaven has an upbeat beat, a tambourine, and background clapping and touching sad lyrics.  To Be Dead and In Love is slow and haunting. City By The Sea has these great deep vocal moments that bubble up from somewhere deep inside Caruana and If I’m a Battleship, Then You’re the Northing Lights (Thank You) is super upbeat and kinda of infectious. The album ends with Kingwood, a twangy track who’s lyrics leave the listener not only satisfied, but feeling positive about the journey this album took him on.

Vinnie Caruana’s City by the Sea is out now on Surrender/Run For Cover.


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