Music Review :: Restorations :: A/B EP

If I said it once, I said it a thousand times, I simple prefer to hold music in my hands. Records, cds, tapes all offer something more than an mp3 file. Maybe I am just old, or maybe there is something in the packaging, or in the weight of the item, something physical just has more depth to me.

With that said, the packaging of RestorationsA/B EP is brilliant in its simplicity and really accentuates the vibe of the record. Each side of the record is simply labeled A and B and the lyrics are printed in a minimalist font on a cream background. This design totally did what it was intended to, it got me hyped up for what the album would sound like.

A/B is a beautifully passionate, quiet, brooding album that I feel so deep inside me. I am not sure how else to describe it to you.

A is an extraordinary poem unto itself, but the music simply elevates it to another plane. No word is wasted, it is able to convey a message and feeling so poignantly in under 100 words. It is quiet and understated and sneaks into your soul. Honestly, it is something so beautiful that I want to share it with everyone.

B is a rougher track, great smoky voice, throbbing drums, and understated guitars all work to create an atmosphere that leaves the listener in the quiet after the song.

I cannot tell you how many times I listened to this album, but it wasn’t enough. I am going to stop talking now because you need to go listen to this.

The A/B EP is available on Tiny Engines.


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