Album Review :: Crimes :: Self Titled EP


What struck me immediately about this EP are the vocals. It is deep and crooning and gravely and raw all at the same time. I simply could not get enough of it. As for the style, the tracks are a unique hybrid of alternative, indie, and punk. Crimes have totally created their own sound and space in the music world. I already noted the super awesome vocals, but the music, man, it is full, the beats are solid, and there are some gnarly guitar sections.

Though all four tracks on this EP are killer, the one that stands out the most for me is In My Time Alone. It is menacing – it begins hauntingly and progresses into the most passionate howls. Out in the West is worth noting too. It has a great blue collar vibe and a cadence that carries the listener along for the entire song. This EP is fantastic, stop wasting time. Go check it out.


Crimes Self Titled EP is released on Tape (limited run of 200) and Digital Download.


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