Album Reviews :: Lawnmower :: Whack Yer Brain

Lawnmower :: Whack Yer Brain :: Save Your Generation Records

What first drew me into this records was the rawness of the distortion, I just couldn’t resist it. Lawnmower mix 90s alternative with indie with punk and it comes out sounds weird and unique and totally awesome.

Team Spirit opens up Whack Yer Brain with an amazing alt indie rock track full of amazing distortion and feedback. Beware Heather Sinclair starts with guitar chords that immediate take you to Nirvana’s Teen Spirit before they thrush you into a Weezer-esq (you know, back when they were good, the blue album) track about the one and only Heather Sinclair. Speaking of the amazing Degrassi world, Spinner’s Got A Mohawk is the punk rock track on the album. It is fast and fun in the line of The Queers and Dead Milkmen. Party Favors is an intense track full of gnarly guitars, heavy distortion, and creepy vocals. The last track is Adams, a dark grungy alternative track with really cool effects.

Whack Yer Brain is one of the most eclectic records I have listened to in a long time and I love how every song takes you to a different spot. They keep you on your toes, surprising you with every track. And really, Heather Sinclair is clearly the most awesome Degrassi character.


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