Album Reviews :: Elway :: Leavetaking

Elway :: Leavetaking :: Red Scare Industries

Elway, who you may know better as 10-4 Eleanor, has just released Leavetaking, an emo record with a bit more rock than that label usually allows. With elements of indie, blues, punk, and pop this record has a unassuming depth. The whole album has a vibe of awareness of the depth of a fleeting moment, it is best summed up by their own lyrics in Ariel, “Just another memory  / I’ll lose in time.”

Salton Sea is a but indie, a bit rockabilly, and bit emo. The styles meld together into this track that is laid back yet catchy. Prophetstown is hooky emo indie that reminds you of Misser. Someday, Sea Wolf is totally weird and awesomely upbeat while Montreal is a stripped down emo track with an acoustic guitar and a rawness that is intoxicating. Ariel is a catchy garage rock track oozes nostalgia and demands your attention.


The Great Divorce is hands down my favorite track. It is an emo, indie, bluesy track that begins with sparse music and a raspy voice that drags you in just before it explodes. Even with the louder faster music the raspy voice remains, yet it gains intensity, that is irresistible.



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