Album Review :: Misser :: Distancing

Misser :: Distancing :: Rise Records

Distancing is the newest EP from Misser. 2012 brought us their first full length, Every Day I Tell Myself I Am Going To Be A Better Person, which I already gushed aboutDistancing has a bit of a harder, more mischievous sound, but it is just as good. The songs are both harder and more chaotic, yet each track has a hook that you simply cannot resist.

Distancing starts out with, GoddamnSalad Days a track full of yelling and harsh yelling. The vocal alternate back and forth in Misser fashioned, but these build on one another’s intense yelling, only coming together in sporadic moments of harmony. Infared keeps up the angry vocals yet introduces slow delicate moments into the mix. Burn Outis a bit slower than the first two tracks, but the music is much more chaotic and the moments of catchiness appear out of nowhere. Alone, Die is upbeat and will get you moving. Slow It Down/Write It Out is a slower track that sounds most like the Misser we fell in love with on Every Day I Tell Myself I Am Going To Be A Better Person. It begins slow, deep, catchy – hard elements to put together successfully – and man, do they know how to fucking do it. Then midway it is explodes and gets even better.

Each of these tracks has so many layers and dimensions that a written review won’t do them justice. Listen to Burn Out below and check out the album. It really is something to experience. This is not background music.


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