Album Review :: Aspiga / Among Giants :: Split

Aspiga Among Giants :: Split :: Say-10 Records

Another great split from Say-10 Records. One of the things that I love about the splits that Say-10 puts out, is that the bands usually have a different sound from one another, yet they share some element that makes their pairing sound natural. This split with Aspiga and Among Giants falls right in line. Each of these bands has an interesting vocal/music relationship that defies expectations.

Aspiga opens up the split with Direction, a song with super menacing vocals and inflections and music that seems to be egging it all on. It is slow and brooding and angry. The track alternates between these menacing vocals and great guttural scream/growls. Old Hobbies has a beat that will have you bouncing along, yet the vocals have an edge, only slipping into melody for a fraction of a second at a time. These tracks are much harder and darker than the Aspiga that you have heard up until now.

The two Among Giants tracks are very stylistically different from one another and show two totally different sides of the band. In the Jungle is an emo-ish track with classic vocals filled with a sense of urgency, yet the music hard hitting. I Care About Everyone I Meet starts off with a bit of an emo style, but quickly gets hard and punk/screamo-y. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the, “Maybe I’m not punk enough for you / because my mom and dad are great / and I will always love them too” lyrics. I love when punk pokes at the stereotypes and unspoken rules of acceptance.


This split hits you right in the gut.


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