Album Review :: Strike To Survive :: Yesterday’s News :: Don’t Look Down Records

Though I don’t listen to a lot of hardcore, when I do listen to it, I like there to be the slightest hook hidden underneath all of the screaming. Strike To Survive offer just that, the music is heavy and the vocals are pure discontent, but there is something underneath that simply grabs you and carries you along.

The stand out tracks are Sore Throats, which has a heavy beat that will have your whole body moving and Yesterday’s News, for some killer lyrics, “Tense and dull disposable/ forever keep my curtains closed/ your voice is like static on the radio/ so I’ll close my eyes on the long ride home/ last year’s tales are under my nails/ lost in my lungs as I inhale”.

This album clocks in at 26 minutes and made me feel as though I just watched a killer live set.


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