Album Review :: Typesetter

Typsetter is one of those bands who found me (which I am always super psyched on) but who found me just a few days after they played in Pittsburgh (which after listening to their EP super bummed me out).

Anyway, this 7″ by Typsetter is awesome. It is a punk rock gravely screamy record with a bit of indie. The songs are heavy, gruff, and abrasive in a way that gets under your skin and you carry their feeling around with you. I can’t get enough of it.

Each song has a different sound yet a common vibe, Anxious & Awkward is punk, gruff, and heavy, Cheap Seats is a bit lighter with more upbeat music yet heavy vocals, and Atonement is slow and brooding and yearning. The music Atonement seems like the white space in poetry…it carries the listener in such an understated way. About 4 minutes in, the track totally changes itself, and becomes an awesome indie song.


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