Album Review :: Desert Rats with Baseball Bats

Desert Rats with Baseball Bats :: Squid Hat Records / Camel Hump Studios

Yes yes, we all know that I love comps. And here is another awesome one. This time from the great folks at Squid Hat Records. This 21 track compilation is for fans of old school punk rock. Like straight forward, loud, fast, screamy, raunchy, in your face punk rock. It has a bit of screaming, a bit of chaos, and a ton of attitude. This comp gives one faith in punk rock and the Las Vegas scene. There is some great music out there in the desert.

Most of these track are packed with so much energy that they will have you screaming along and moshing in your car/house/walking down the street, but the two stand out tracks, that you will be listening to on repeat are Burning Agrestic’s No Light No Hope and The Scoundrels’ I Want You DeadNo Light No Hope is a raw track that instantly connects the listener to something real. The music is gritty and fast, there are moments of screaming and moments of melody, and so much fucking heart all packed in under 3 minutes, it is everything I love in a punk rock song. The Scoundrels’ I Want You Dead, on the other hand is polished and perfected. It is a noir swing sound with a great punk rock edge. The music is smooth and the vocals, holy shit, they just belt out through the speakers.


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