Album Review :: LODRO :: If Life Was Like A Movie :: Tracer Sounds


LODRO’s If Life Was Like A Movie release is the inaugural release for both the band and Tracer Sounds records. LODRO describes themselves as “neo noir punk”, and I’m not sure how punk I think that they are, but noir is spot fucking on.  This 2 track EP is a trippy, groovy, seductive, indie creation.

 The title track, If Life Was Like A Movie, has a hybrid sound. With male lead vocals, it mixes a 60s/70s psychedelic rock sound with a staccato beat and an indie alternative sensibility. There is just the right amount of feedback and there is this great scream near the end of the track that is just so raw and fantastic.

Side B, Snake Song, has female vocals that totally embody the noir sound. Her voice is smokey, dark, and so so so seductive. The guitars in this track are metallic-y and ever so slightly distorted, the rhythm is broken and haunting and adds so much vibe to the recording.

What I really loved the originality and independence of LODRO’s sound. I haven’t heard anything like these tracks. These songs beg for a dark club and an audience who lets music permeate them and their surroundings. There is a lot of musicality, artistry, attitude, and atmosphere packed into this two track EP. I am totally psyched to hear more of both LODRO and Tracer Sound Records.


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