Album Review :: Radio Reds :: Memory Loss

Radio Reds :: Memory Loss :: Scaredy Cat Records

Memory Loss is the Radio Reds debut album yet it seems to have existed in another time. As if it is just a slight bit out of step with current music, and I think that is what makes me enjoy it so much. It is melodic yet has a distant feel to it. Remember back in the 80s when alternative was called college rock and REM reigned supreme? This record would have found a comfy place with those fans.

I could go on for a few paragraphs trying to describe this sound to you, but I think that the bands list of influences can do a better job than I can. They have listed The Replacements, Joy Division, and Jawbreaker as influences, and once you read that, you can totally understand exactly where their unique hybrid sound comes from.

The stand out track is Knife, a sad beautiful acoustic track that comes out of nowhere and settles somewhere deep inside you. This album leaves you with a distinct feeling. It changes something in your chemistry, even if just for a few hours.


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