Album Review :: Title Fight :: Spring Songs EP

Title Fight :: Spring Songs EP :: Revelation Records

Title Fight’s Spring Songs EP is one of the most interesting albums I heard in 2013. Though only four tracks, it marks such a growth and change for the band. Title Fight has taken an old school approach to this record, it was recorded on 2” analog tape, and I swear you can hear the difference and depth to each track because of it. Each of these tracks sounds different than the others, in this EP Title Fight embraced their diverse tastes and influences and explored the limitlessness of their sound. To add to all this, this EP is the band’s first release on the legendary Revelation Records.

The Spring Songs EP kicks off with Blush, a killer hardcore track that is everything we have come to love from Title Fight. Be A Toy is a bit distorted, a bit alternative, and a bit pop – think Weezer, when they were good. Receiving Line is a slow, delicate track with a slight drone and Hypnotize is an alternative song with subdued vocals, heavy music, and a haunting undertone.


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