Album Review :: Western Addiction :: Pines

Western Addiction :: Pines :: Fat Wreck Chords

Western Addiction’s Pines is an awesome classic hardcore record. It is thrashy and hard and snotty with some great breakdowns. Fans of Fugazi and Youth Brigade will get behind this sound.

The music is fast, aggressive, and almost metal-y at moments. The vocals are screaming contempt and we are screaming right along with them. Though there are moments that enter into the gravely guttural sound, these vocals mostly remain on the snotty-we-need-to-change-this-fucking-place style of hardcore.

These guys will no doubt, get a crowd fucking moving. It will be as sea of sweaty bodies finger pointing, singing along, and thrashing around.

My favorite track is My Opinion Is, I Hate It. It combines so many elements into one fucking killer hardcore song. There is singing, yelling, screaming, thrashing, and just a hint of melody – all blended and perfectly balanced.


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