Album Review :: Featherweight :: Heaven Sent

Featherweight :: Heaven Sent :: Limited Fanfare Records

The Heaven Sent EP starts out weird. Yeah, weird. It starts off with a female speaking voice. I am not sure if it is a clip from something I am supposed to recognize, but I totally don’t. The speech is slow and kind of creepy, and it lasts for 51 seconds. 51 seconds is a long ass time to listen to this woman whispering to you. Oh, I didn’t mention that yet? Yeah, she is whispering so you have to turn the volume way up to understand her, then suddenly, 52 seconds in, the music explodes and attacks your eardrums because you have had this turned up so loud. Welcome to punk rock 101 kids, irritate your audience from the moment they hit play, they’ll love you for it.

Once you have adjusted your volume, the first track, Ugly, is actually pretty damned good. Big Brother has a slow tempo, well slow for punk rock and is full of distortion. It has layered vocals that almost yell yet never quite go that far. This may sound odd, but I feel as though this track has a low center of gravity. The bass controls the sound and feel of this song and it simply feels so grounded. Heaven Sent is a fast track bordering on alternative with this great layer of menace and distorted vocals. There is also a great rise and fall within the track.  Not Fooling You is my favorite track on the EP, it starts off with distortion before it really delves into what makes this track awesome- fast music with slow vocals that creates a super cool dynamic. There are also raw spots where you can hear straining vocals that are just magnificent.


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