Album Review :: braidedveins :: Future/Forever

Through every listen of this Future/Forever I tried to nail down a way to describe braidedveins to you. Though they have thrashy music and screaming vocals, they are not a hardcore band, though there are moments of throbbing bass and relentless drums they are not a metal band, though they embrace the atmosphere created by distortion, they are not an alternative band. They have created their own sound that is simply something to let wash over you.

This album has a lot of atmosphere. From the first notes there is a great vibe created by distortion over this robust thrashy music. The album opens up with Watch Carefully, a song that accosts you and sets you up for the rest of the album. An album that is full of relentless energy, distorted guitars, and screaming vocals.

Though this album is a-ma-zing, there is no way that it can even begin to capture what these song would sound and feel like live. I can only picture the band totally exhausting themselves on stage every night, throwing everything down on that stage and leave each set naked and drained, and the audience totally mesmerized.


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