Album Review : South Bay Bessie :: Too Late

South Bay Bessie :: Too Late :: SYG Records

Too Late is filled with attitude, energy, and some irresistible hooks. The sound is somewhere between classic old school and pop punk, which is just another way of saying that it is super catchy yet gruff enough to create a pit.

Forced Morality is a great song with high energy and an attitude and voice that is so snotty that in a few notes you can feel the pent up teen angst just oozing out. On Chicago Time is a punk rock love song. Hard drums, screaming, and longing lyrics create the perfect balance. It’s not too sweet, it’s not sappy, but it is ever so genuine. On Chicago Time follows the long line of punk songs that celebrate the everyday elements of a relationship while never sugar coating or romanticizing them. Instru-MENTAL is an instrumental track that totally steals the fucking show. It is exciting, vibrant, and robust. This is the song that you will be putting on mix tapes.



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