Album Review :: Young Turks :: Where I Rise

Young Turks :: Where I Rise :: Animal Style Records

Yes, yes, we all know how much I love Young Turks, and after the 8 minutes of Where I Rise, you will love them too. This EP is 8 minutes of blistering hardcore that will pick you up, throw you around the room, and leave you exhausted. It is aggressive and it is a release, the vocals spit at you as the music attacks. You can feel the passion in every note, in every syllable.

Territo(royally) Pissed is a split track, it begins super hardcore aggressive the midway though, it slows down and becomes a brooding hardcore track. Zone K is a straight forward awesome hardcore song. Roe vs Wade vs Westbrook sets you up for a political statement immediately. The lyrics then explore all the bullshit that is politics and society and life. It had great rise and fall and some killer layered vocal sections. Old Gods is a slower song, it is still heavy and in the hardcore realm, but it has this haunting desolation underneath.

Each time I finish this record, I am energized and want to go out and change the fucking world.


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