Album Review :: French Exit :: Guts & Black Stuff

Man, these guys in French Exit are awesome. You know people who are just so genuinely nice that you want good things to happen for them, well that is how I feel about these guys. Also, they kinda deserve those good things because their music is pretty solid.

Guts & Black Stuff is French Exit’s first full length and it is full of energy and attitude. Though each of these tracks has its own varied voice, this album as a whole has a shit ton of attitude. The vocals, the guitars, the drums all have a very specific, very prominent voice in each track.

Confessions Out Of Context is slow and heavy with great gruff vocals. Impossible has a stripped down section where each instrument and the vocals have slow and naked and it creates a super awesome vibe. The slow vocals, sing song-y “whoa”s,  gravelly screams, and hooky chorus shouldn’t work together at all, yet it sounds so damned good. When There’s A Fork In The Road takes on a Weezer-esq vibe. DKE is straight forward punk rock with rough, gravely vocals and great feedback. Statecheck is slow, stripped and raw –  very different than the rest of the album. It is the ballad…or the closest that punk really gets to a ballad. Can’t Win, Don’t Try is thrashy and metaly and aggressive, simply fucking awesome. Guts & Black Stuff ends withBackspace a track that is somehow slow, heavy, and catchy. Yeah, it all works together, you will be singing along and thrashing in the pit to this one. Awesome way to end the album.

Though individual songs on this album has their own merits, it is the fact that French Exit are not afraid to play around with sounds or styles they are experimenting and exploring their own sound.


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