Album Review :: Ex Friends :: Animal Needs :: Coolidge Records

Do you all need another Ex Friends review from me? Too bad. I am a big fan, and the Animal Needs EP is no exception. It is fast, fun, upbeat, and solid punk rock. The pairing of female and male vocals on Don’t Do It Like That are great, they work together in sections and bicker in others (kind of like the musical version of a concrete poem). Real Life is an old school punk track, full of attitude and snarls and barely a moment to breathe. Word Police is a tongue in cheek slightly vulgar good time song. And Fadeage is my pick for best track on here, not only is there a saxaphone in the middle, it is the fullest track. It has the great attitude that the rest of the EP does, but it has some awesome hooks, and great depth. Also, it has the gravely vocals that I love and make a point to mention in every review, so here it is for this one, they rock in this track.

Also, if you don’t follow Ex Friends on their various social media outlets you are missing out. It is the behind the scenes photos and comments that we wish all bands would take advantage of. Or maybe I just love previews of art and photos of handwritten lyric drafts.


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