Album Review :: Radiohearts :: Lot to Learn

Radiohearts :: Lot to Learn

I think what I love best about is how natural their sound is. Their self described hybrid of Elvis Costello, The Jam, and the Buzzcocks is not only spot on, but sounds like it would be a weird forced jumble. Radiohearts are nothing of the sort, their sounds is smooth, authentic, and alluring. Like how is a band able to have all of the great dark, dankness of Brit pop, add some sunny 50’s surf pop, and filter it through an alternative/punk screen and come out on the right side? I honestly have no idea, but Radiohearts have done it perfectly.

I I was big fan when I heard Nothing at All earlier this year and reviewed it for CC2K, but Lot to Learn is even stronger. It is a 4 track EP that will set your tastebuds and make to want to hear everything else that they have recorded.
Lot to Learn is snotty and aggressive. This song grabs you by your collar and will drag you out on the dance floor and have it’s way with you.  Decisions is a poppier track with a hook that you can’t get away from, you will be moving along to this track instantly. Heartbeat is the most new wave track on the album, and probably my favorite of these songs. It is catchy but with a great staccato pacing to it, that is just fantastic. Let them Know is a cool, slightly distorted garage rock track that provides the perfect ending to this EP. Just enough chaos to leave us a bit agitated.


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