Every now and again I want to quit writing music reviews…

background-2Every now and again I want to quit writing music reviews. Not because I don’t love music and not because I don’t love the readers. But because…

…there are only 24 hours in a day. 

I get this way a few times a year, usually when work (the job I get paid to do) gets busy and I find that I haven’t been working on my poetry (what I went to school for). It begins to feel like sifting through hundreds of emails, (most from PR firms and labels and artists that are no where close to what I write about) has become too much of a hassle. I get disheartened because it starts to feel like a job I am not paid for, instead of something that I do for fun.

…what else really needs to be said?

We are inundated everyday with words and text and opinions…and really…what are we adding? Music is something that kicks you in the gut or captures your heart. It is an instant connection from the first chords. You don’t need me to tell you what you can feel.

Yet I keep doing it.

I am lucky that I don’t have to review specific albums, that I don’t have to pretend to like albums that are garbage, that I don’t have to write reviews that rip bands apart. I have the luxury to tell you all about the ones that I loved – the ones that kicked me in the gut or the ones that captured my heart. Still though, sometimes it seems like an exercise in futility. You don’t need me.

But then I find a band like The Reinters or Restorations or Beach Slang or Aree and The Pure Hearts and I get excited. I remember. These bands remind me of what it was like to be a young punk kid, what it was like to discover new bands, what it was like to be a part of that incredible community. I get to make great connections and internet friends. I get to be excited again. I get to have that visceral reaction that reminds me that work is a paycheck. I get to share their music with some of you who may not hear about it otherwise.

So you won’t get rid of me anytime soon. But I wanted you to know that you guys, the readers, the bands, the label owners, the PR people, the community that you create and that I get to be part of is a huge part of what keeps me writing each week. So thanks for making music, thanks for reading, and thanks for sending me emails. Drop me a line. Anytime.


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