Album Review :: Uberyou :: Frontiers

Uberyou :: Frontiers :: Say-10 Records

Überyou is a punk band from Zürich, Switzerland, who just released their 7”, Frontiers, on the awesome Say-10 Records. I have been listening to these four tracks over and over trying to figure out just want I want to tell you about them.

Do I talk about the perfectly bring together aggressive gruff punk with dashes of melody that will have the pit writhing and singing along? Do I talk about the vocals that can just cut right through you? Do I talk about the self reflective lyrics, “You can be the one / To reunite yourself with your tragic past…But nevertheless I enjoy to be unleashed and uncontrollable”. Do I talk about how their energy is infectious and how I was ready go go out and take on the world after each listen? Do I talk about how excited that punk that sounds like this still exists in such an authentic form in 2016? I suppose I needed to mention it all.

Überyou is a band that I would have gotten excited about at 15 and it is still the type of band i get excited about. Their energy is raw and honest and they are they type of band that keeps me writing about this small, yet amazing genre of music all of these years later.


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