Album Review :: Burst One’s Side :: Tight

Burst One’s Side :: Tight :: Knives Out records

I really love when international bands and labels reach out to me, and I get a quick glimpse into other scenes in other countries. Burst One’s Side hails from a Paris suburb that I only imagine is like the suburbs of NYC that are just bubbling with a bit of unrest and a ton of creativity.

Burst One’s Side’s Tight is full of melodic aggression that perfectly walks the line between punk, pop punk, and hardcore. I was a fan instantly. I have been listening to it on repeat since I got it and don’t see myself stopping any time soon. Every song packs a punch, it comes at you swinging, and I can just imagine the pits at their shows. By far though, my favorite song is Emancipation Brings Wondering, it is the punk rock sing along in all its glory. You will have this one stuck in your head.

Tight is out on Knives Out records who loves to put out high quality picture disc vinyl releases.


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