Ready Steady Go published in Blue Lotus Review

This looks better on a piece of paper with the proper spacing. (below)

Listen :: Generation X :: Ready Steady Go

Ready Steady Go

Sharon lied to her parents,
         said she was sleeping over
                  left out
the part about the show.
My mom drops us off
       at the corner of Market
                        and River Streets.
I’ll be back to pick you girls up at midnight.
We stare
      up at the sign                   HOTEL STERLING,
                                once a stopover
                               for movies stars–
                                                                  now Medicare-assisted
                             apartments with a punk rock venue shoved
                in the basement.
Your mom is so cool
                 letting us stay out  ‘til midnight.
We walk past
                  boarded windows,
                                 into the light filtering
                                     on to the sidewalk
                        through piles of flyers and posters.
         wants to go in first.
                                 Yeah, midnight…
                I open the door
my eyes sting : harsh fluorescent light
    off tarnished walls : stained linoleum.
We almost hear
                       noise :
   or maybe it’s            music.
            My body relaxes : my heart beats faster.
                 You sure Joe’s gonna be here? Sharon asks.
He has to be, his band is playing.
          We look at each other : unsure.
Whatever it is :
                   music : noise
we don’t have a ride
                   until midnight.

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