Taken :: Publsihed in Out of Our and Reprinted in Ripasso


He stole my heart by kicking my foot and smiling
at me during a 9Lives show. I’d like to think I
stole his heart that time at Pizza Night, when I wore
a Third Eye Blind shirt, and he gave me this scar
on my elbow from wrestling in a booth. It was a red booth.

We saw each other every day that summer  :  cliff
diving, breaking into abandoned buildings, a kiss
in the rain leaning on my car, and handpicked flowers
no one missed from their gardens. Mix tapes making our
soundtrack. We fell in love with the small town
we grew up in and each other.

He broke my heart, lying
on boulders, looking at the stars, watching
headlights of cars speed on the highway below
Asking questions of life and making top three
lists of what was important: best looking guys and girls,
favorite songs, scars from the pit.

Mark told me then,
                                                                                                                      I was the summer girl.


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