For over 6 years now, I have been a part of the CC2K community. They welcomed me with open arms and let a punk rock girl gush about bands that no one had heard of (yet). I was always free to be a fan, to write about the bands and music I was excited about, and never forced to write a bad review. Along the way I made friends with bands, press agents, and label owners that shared that common frame of reference, who hat knew that punk rock doesn’t fade as you age.

As some of you may have noticed, there has been some radio silence from my end lately. The posts have been delayed and emails eventually returned with noncommittal phrases like, “I have a backlog of emails that I am just starting to get through” or “stay tuned”, something to tell you that I wasn’t blowing you off, but also not  to hold your breath. Sorry for that.

Throughout the last year or so, I toyed with the idea of stepping down as the music editor. Real life, my job, my house, my family all demanded and deserved more time, and it scared me when I realized that I wasn’t writing or submitting my poetry anymore. I had been writing less frequently and no longer really had the drive to get through the pile of albums in my queue. My inbox kept getting filled up with so many different genres that I couldn’t get through all my emails in a single evening.

About 5 months ago I wrote this, just to clear my head. Yet, I never made a decision. Less albums excited me, not because they weren’t good, but I just didn’t have the words. But, every time I thought I decided to step down, I’d get a great new album in my inbox, some records came in the mail, or an email saying how much my writing meant to someone. Sometimes it was from a fan or sometimes band member, always letting me know that we really do speak the same language and it is a dialect that not a lot of people are fluent in. It was always enough to keep me going.

But then, a few weeks ago, my decision was made for me. CC2K was always a labor of love, for the writers and for the creator. We never earned anything from the site, except the satisfaction of liked minded people reading our work. We talked about the health of the site and all the editors and writers offered their thoughts about keeping the site going, but we all seemed to be in similar situations.  Which is great that we all have other exciting things going on, but sad because we didn’t have the time dedicated to make CC2K the go to entertainment site.

So with that, CC2K is folding, but will remain online as an archive.

I thank all of the readers who read my reviews each week. I thank all of the bands for making great music. I thank all of the press and label owners that keep punk rock alive. I thank everyone who has ever sent me an email or a Facebook or Twitter message. It was surreal to connect with musicians and bands that I loved since high school, it was fantastic to form friendships with artists I greatly admire, and get to know all  the other folks behind the scenes that strived everyday to make sure that there is still a scene in this futuristic digital world. Thank you all. I mean it. From the bottom of my heart. You all mean the world to me. And to music.

I am not sure what is next. If I will move on to a different site or just write about music on my own. Stay tuned. See you in the pit.

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