Walk Together, Rock Together :: published in Misfit Magazine

Published in the Spring 2016 issue of Misfit Magazine.


Listen :: 7 Seconds :: Walk Together, Rock Together

Walk Together, Rock Together
Hundreds of kids and bands
                         pack into Indy Fire Hall.
                   Equipment, backpacks, and bodies
        sprawl on the dirty linoleum.
Merch tables line the walls –
              records, pins, patches, T-shirts, zines for sale.
Students for a Free Tibet, Food not Bombs, PETA
               literature handed
                                        to everyone passing.  
      Flyers for upcoming shows lay
                              scattered on the floor.

Music thumps in               bursts
              for twelve hours each day of the fest.
Hot Water Music, Converge, You and I, Ink and Dagger scream
                        through sets.
Energy            surges
                  between band and crowd,
                                   crowd and band.
                                            The pit pulsates:
kids in sweat saturated T-shirts mosh
                     and flail their X-ed up fists in the air:
     climb on stage:  drop
                                  from rafters.
Girls in tank tops
       sway with the crowd
  bodies colliding   :   unrestrained.

The hall empties out each night;
          the floor covered in dirty prints of Converse,
                   torn and trampled flyers,
                           lost hoodies and T-shirts.

         Bands break down and load
                              their equipment
and the parking lot fills with kids,
                    relieved to be in the fresh air.
Music blasts from cars and vans,
              skateboards crunch pebbles before they pop
ollies over the stack of six decks.

Voices and noise
blend in the air,
       everyone                    stretches       the night          out,
                                                                                  just a little bit longer.

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