Story of My Life :: published in Word Fountain

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Story of My Life

Keep it forever, he said              

                   smiling at me
as he ripped a strip of
brown fabric off the sleeve
of the Little Devil shirt
he was wearing the first
time we met and tied it around my wrist.
See you next week, or


Keep it forever, he said
picking up an Uno card
from the floor of Metro
as we left a show. It was
a trampled and dirty
wild draw 4. You know,
             we should, hang out sometime.

Keep it forever
, he said
handing me a flyer he pulls
from his pocket. The ink
already faded in the creases
from being unfolded and refolded. You should
                  come, I’ll be there.
Keep it forever, he said
sitting in the café as he tossed
an IBC root beer bottle cap
across the table at me.
I had a good time tonight.

Happy birthday and keep it forever, he said
holding a blue tinted clear ball
between his fingers – the ball from inside
a spray paint can.            It’s lucky,
the can didn’t explode in my face.

I know you’ll keep this, he says
when he visits me. He places a dirty
grey guitar pick in my palm,
I used it this weekend, the first time
I played with Bedford.



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