Hey Suburbia :: published in Speech Bubble

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Hey Suburbia

Graffiti scars.
             $100 reward for information.
The photo in the newspaper
bright blue and yellow tag
spray painted on the side
               of the concession stand
              at the Swoyersville Little League Field.

We were sitting in the front yard,
               Hey, we have something to show you.
You drove us to the Little League Field.
              Your smiles full of pride
                         as everyone stared.
                                 AS (Amanda’s Smile. Justin’s tag)
                                 MIA (Missing In Action. Mark’s tag)
                                 213 (Their friendship tag. Only they know what it means)
                    painted on the white concrete.


2 thoughts on “Hey Suburbia :: published in Speech Bubble

  1. I just found your blog and I just wanted to say that I love everything I’ve read so far! Keep writing, you really have a way with words.


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