Simple Song :: published in My Favorite Bullet

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Simple Song

       The are girls already settled
by the stage when I get there –

Hey, didn’t expect
          to see you here, Mandy says.
                                    I wanted to see the new Metro.
                                 I wave, to the rest of the girls
                                       cramped between the stage and the wall,
                                                  and Dave and I broke up.

Well,     it’s good
   to see you. Sharon hugs me.

                                         The pit
                                   begins to stir as  
                   Bedford breaks through to the stage.

Mandy kisses me on the cheek
                Pass it on.
I turn to Sharon,    
everyone down the chain giggles,
                           for the kiss to get to them.

        First chord
                    incites   :   months
                                        of pent up                energy

                            Thanks for having us,
                                  for this first show at the new
                                        Metro. It seems like we haven’t
                                                seen your faces in ages.

Voices scream out
           titles of favorite songs
                  and ones they haven’t
                           played in years.

                                                                He forgets
                                                                                   most of the words
                                                               letting the crowd fill in the

The pit stops         moving.
      No one
           climbs on stage to sing along
no one     stage dives.           
        Everyone stares as
                           Bedford plays through the motions,
                                                 of what a set almost
                                                  used to sound like.


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