Ever Fallen In Love :: reprinted in Quail Bell Magazine


Listen :: The Buuzzcocks :: Ever Fallen In Love?

Ever Fallen In Love?

We sit in the café
on Salvation Army couches
gazing out a picture window –
no one passes on the street
as snow fills our footprints.
Smoke hovers,
cigarettes and cloves
mix with coffee and homemade
chocolate chip cookies.
We share grasshopper milkshakes
and bottles of IBC root beer,
read zines and defaced
magazines as punk rock
leaks          through          the          walls.

Bodies slam : into bodies
local bands screech
through three-minute songs.

The pit   :
hardcore hoodies   :    mohawks         :   emo
glasses   :   X-ed up hands  whip   :   kids stage
dive   :    flip   :   sing along    :    cry.

face buried in the snare –
bass drum   :   thud
crowd   :   sway   :   pulse   :
stare   :   eyes closed      :       breathe   :

Spring      up   :       scream
face red
neck veins throb
climb on to the seat
three feet

on the final beat
drums crash
to the floor.


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