Unity :: published in Chiron Review

Listen :: Operation Ivy :: Unity


We pay the three-dollar cover
with crumpled
           dollar bills
     we dig out of our pockets.

He stamps our hands  :  a purple
   steaming coffee cup  :  immediately
       seeps into my pores  :  morphing together.
Someone hands us each a flyer  :  cut and paste
            drawings and band logos.  I’m in
                  the Giant Babies, we’re playing,
he points to their name, you should come. We nod.
          I fold the paper and shove
                    it into my back pocket.

Sprawled  slumped
  kids litter the hallway   :   a labyrinth of
       legs   :   we step    through   :   no one looks
                 up :       preoccupied
making out   :   smoking   :   practicing
their disinterested looks.

 Metro is dark
      clouded with smoke
    staticy music floods from the walls
             obscures conversation
                               :    consumes us.
         We stare at backs of hoodies covered
                      in safety-pinned patches.
      On my toes     I strain my neck
    to see
    mohawks and liberty spikes
searching        for someone                 anyone

chatter   :  room shifts  :    
     Bedford’s  set   :    
                           circle pit
drum   :   bass  thump  :   guitar squeal
                morphs into melody   :   heart
        throb   :   with   the
beat   :  overcome   :   energy
        pulsing :  I rush
                          forward   :   drag Sharon
  :   the pit
      explodes   :   against us  :
bodies thrash
                   through the circle
       forced  in the crowd
crash   :   into each other
               rip   :    the wall of people   :   collide   :
          stumble   :   hands        reach out   :  break our fall


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