Showdown :: Reprinted in Ripasso

Listen :: Propagandhi :: Showdown

I watch him
as the security guard
                  shouts in his face.
I watch him
lean     even     closer
                A hug,
               I was giving
              my friend
              a hug.
    Officer Rent-A-Cop
    doesn’t back away
           stares back into
    Mark’s slate blue eyes.
                                  A boy
                                 hugging another boy?
                                 That just ain’t right.
                                   He has a drawl
I didn’t know we cultivated
in Pennsylvania.        Maybe he learned
it at mall cop night school.

stand in a semi circle
behind Mark   :
knowing he won’t
                       back down.

piece of shit
                   Mark mumbles.

                        What did you say to me,
       I   called   you,
      a   homophobic
      piece   of   shit.

Justin steps toward Officer Rent-A-Cop
           Mandy yanks him back
                                   Officer Rent-A-Cop spins around
                  stares at Justin then Mandy
                                                     You rainbow colored
then to Dave then to me                  tattooed freaks
             Sharon, to Kevin, to Hughes,               have anything to add?
        to Steph, to Jaime, to Jibo, to Chris.     
                                                                                        I didn’t think so.


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