Halloween :: Uppagus

Uppagus Halloween

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Act I

Cowboys : clowns : cats :
zombies : mummies : vampires
veiled in gashes :
cuts : contusions :
black eyes : dried blood
all stand outside Metro,
waiting for Bedford’s set.

We walk through the cafe
give hugs and high-fives
as we     wedge
through    the    crowd.

In a short skirt and halo of pipe cleaners,
Rianna calls herself an angel.
Nice costume, cheater, I laugh as I hug her.

Guess who?
Calloused hands cover my eyes
Dave, hey, I turn around,
give him a hug,
       Where is your costume? Why
 aren’t you ever any fun? I say.
                    I’m here to see you, isn’t that enough?
                  I could be out shredding with my friends. 
I lean into him, smell the faint scent of soap
under the layers of sweat — shove my hand into his
back pocket, kiss his neck, Always have to be
                 a hard ass, huh? I pull away.
Can I come over later? He says.

Act II

The mass of schoolgirls : pirates : devils
: packs of robots and spacemen :
and even Charlie Chaplin laugh : shout :
sway to the rhythm
the energy in the air.
Arms swing   :   bodies slam
into   arms   :   bodies
adrenaline   :   pleasure
slam               dance
climb on stage   :   grab the mic
scream   :   dive
into the pit   :   heels smash
shoulders  :   bruises become
before the set is over.
The humid air  :
thick   :   breath   :   sweat.
I scream along   :   every song
move   :   the pulse      of the crowd
hand above my head   :
throb   :   along   :   with the room
hit   :   air   :   on the hard beats
I stumble   :   drenched bodies
crash into me.


Voices hoarse,
costumes soaked,
makeup melted,
morph between
who we were
and who we will be



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