You didn’t ask, but here are some things I think you should know about me

I believe that the white space matters.

I like the restrictions of the page, the borders create the space for creativity.

I firmly believe in the Oxford comma.

I have an aversion to hyphens, but love dashes.

I am a huge fan of parallel structure.

There are days that I can only write in sentence fragments and staccato cadence.

There are days than I cannot resist interesting parentheticals into everything I write (today is not one of those days).

I cannot, cannot spell. Like you’d be embarrassed for me if you saw any draft.

I have three degrees in poetry, but only write in the vernacular and free verse.

I still carry around a notebook, and only use my phone in dire circumstances.

My handwriting is often so messy it takes me way longer than it should to decipher.

I read at least 52 books a year, in various genres, including ones that are recommended by people I trust,  though I wouldn’t normally pick up mysel.

I like printed books, I often borrow books from the digital library and by the 2nd chapter buy the hard copy of the book.

I love to break the binding of books.

I write in my books, but in pencil, just in case. 

My favorite titles start with conjunctions.