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Take ‘em All

Only one street light      sputters

almost illuminating the alley.

As I walk from Metro I hear

Motorhead spitting

through the speakers

of Hughes’ parked car

and skateboard cracks

against the pavement.


Black T-shirts with assorted

skate company and band logos

sit on their boards,

daring each other

to do impossible tricks.


I tackle Dave. He slides

over, making just

enough room on his board for

me to squeeze on and press against his damp body.


Hey Bratface, he says not looking at me.

      Matt is trying to kickflip over

        six boards, I have ten bucks on

          him losing a tooth or needing

              stitches in his face.

                                                               I have ten on him

                                                                breaking an arm

                                                        or wrist, Hughes adds

not looking at me either.

I sigh,

watch Matt –      look to the ground

then back        at the tower of interlocked boards


                            And what if he doesn’t

                 seriously injure himself? I ask.

Then he gets the money, they say.


Matt throws down his board

pushes off

wheels grind crushing pebbles

against the macadam as he

rolls to the tower

pops up…


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