Friday I’m In Love :: published in Word Fountain

Listen :: The Cure :: Friday I’m In Love

Friday I’m In Love
At midnight Rianna’s horn bellows
through the winter silence.
Piles of snow line the streets and smother lawns.
   My footsteps       expose the half-
          melted- refrozen-dirt-encrusted
                 slop. Brand it with the imprint
                        of my Converse.
                                The passenger door is open,
Friday I’m In Love already playing.

The car slices through flurries
and hugs curves of back roads
winding through the woods.
Desolate except for sporadic
porch lights veiled in trees.
Friday I’m In Love on repeat.

Tires smack against streets
wet from
                  melting snow.
       Turn the heat up,
roll the windows down,
together Rianna and I shout
Friday I’m In Love
into the dense forest
as cold air rushes into the car.


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